3 Things to Learn from Kids


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I can count hundreds of things that we can learn from little kids but for this post I would love to confine to three. Little kids, number three, gel well, I think so. And here I go…

1.Play, Fight and Forget. Yesterday there was a fight. I think every day there is a fight. The fight was between my son and his gang of friends. They seem to be pro at it. Every now and then these kids come to my home and report that X has said something to Y, Y has pushed Z and Z has decided to take X and Y to home. So when they come, I immediately take up my position as an inspector, detective, lawyer, judge and then finally as a counselor. And after analysis, when I get ready with my moral, well crafted, well prepared speech, ready to be delivered in best of my rising tone in their front , these boys run back. And I feel foolish and small in front of them. But I love them for letting go.

So, the lesson learnt from these Play Fighters is: Play, Fight, Forget and Let go .

2.Charging Happiness. Few days back I felt I was attacked by Dementors, who sapped my happiness and left me cold and sad (Dementors from Harry Potter). I tried to work, but couldn’t. I tried to focus, but couldn’t. I tried to read, but couldn’t. And then, when my son came back from school, I decided to spend my time with him. He took me to his world, made me playful, this worked and I was happy again. We watched Stuart Little, made paper planes, paper boats and drew some crazy stuff and I felt immediately charged up. Although, half of the time he drains me, but I also know how he works as my happiness charger.

So, the lesson two learnt from them is, be in their company and keep on charging your happiness batteries.

3.Creativity, inquisitiveness, and focus. Observe these kids when they draw, sketch, play or watch TV. They are highly focused and you may find it truly difficult to divert their attention. They do what they love, one thing at a time and no multitasking. Their focus is always at its peak.

And have you ever seen these kids engaged in drawing? They can draw the sun, the moon, the starts, Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Megatron, Barbie, Hot wheels and abc and xyz all together in one combo pack of A-4 size sheet. Can you believe it? The colours of their sky can be black, grey or mauve and the ground can be of blue, purple or dark yellow and yes when you laugh and giggle at their art, don’t be surprised if one of them says to you, “it is not that funny.” And when in their inquisitive mode, they fire questions such as why circle is not square, why the Sun is not the moon, why can’t we see air or walk on it and why can’t we drink air for that matter, making you truly crazy and giving challenge to your Einsteinian mind, I bet, you simply love them for that. These little Helloweens every day teach us to be creative, inquisitive and highly focused.

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They love us for what we are, without any demands and without any reservations. We shout them at night and next morning they open their eyes and wish us good morning with their sweetest smile making our day happier and brighter. They hug and kiss us without any expectations. They teach us to be fearless and audacious, innocent and how to laugh irresistible. They do not care what others talk about them, they are happy the way they are. They teach us how to love, be selfless and be egoless. They are dreamers, Prince and Princess of their imaginary world.

Let us walk into their worlds, spend some time there and learn the lessons to find happiness and how to laugh without any cause!


  • Devanshu Singh says:

    Ahaa :)Feeling re-energized…

    But this post is for grown ups and actually not for a KID like me.. From now, whoever ‘ll ask me to grow up.. I ‘ll say ” am a grown up kid” 🙂 🙂

    Thank you very much for the awesome post Di.. 🙂

    • Pratibha says:

      True Devanshu,
      There is always a kid inside all of us who is innocent, loving and daring and we must make sure that we never allow this kid to go on sleeping mode.
      It’s a wonderful feeling to be like a kid again and mess up the things, play all day long and be in carefree mode…!but in a balanced adult mode!
      Keep reading and keep motivating. Be blessed always:)

  • shilpa says:

    These kids are really full of positive energy,love and enthusiasm .they are never tired and will not even allow you too….in their company you go back to their age and ………….relaxed and speechless. Love this ……pratibha Amazing!!!

    • Pratibha says:

      Thanks a lot Shilpa maam.

      You are absolutely right. These kids allow us to enjoy the fun and frolic of every day life which we forget as adults in the din-dan of our daily lives…:) They are indeed our demonic angels:)

  • Piyush says:

    Being treated as an adult for whole day, this is like like a silver lining in the dark cloud.
    We are all busy in winning the race of our career and our life that we have forgotten the real fun
    which is being a kid, being an innocent.
    appreciate your writting m’am
    every time i read ur blog is just like a thing
    which i cant describe with words

    • Pratibha says:

      Thanks a lot Piyush. It is true that in everyday rat race we forget to laugh, to giggle and to enjoy but these little kids remind us to be happy with what we have and enjoy the life to its fullest. Keep reading and keep writing:)

  • chanpreet kaur dutta says:

    i want to be a kid again…… 🙂 but true kids are so amazing n we can learn so many things from them….
    thank you mam for sharing… 🙂
    hope u r fine…

    • Pratibha says:

      Many thanks Chanpreet.
      Good to see that you are reading the posts and enjoying them. Keep up your writing spirit and do share your writings with others to read.
      Take care and be blessed always 🙂

  • anju says:

    first I would like to apologise for being so late in responding to your amazing,thought-provoking post. u r very true that children teach us 100 of things but u need to be an avid,agile & optimistic learner.

    thanks for drawing attention towards little wonders!

    • Pratibha says:

      Hey…thanks to u dear Anju for reading this post and appreciating the thought process!

      Theses kids are indeed great and we must make sure to learn from them, after all they do not charge anything for their classes, do they?
      And also, we must not forget to acknowledge the little kid present inside all of us:)

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