A little Deeper

When I could not update the blog post yesterday, I felt a little unhappy with myself. I could not commit to my self-made promise. I could not do what I expected to do.

This led me to a feeling of frustration and disappointment. I paused. My mind solaced me by giving few reasons so as to accept the fact that I was unable to write yesterday.  I was pacified for sure.

I watched those thoughts. Some of them generated a feeling of guilt and embarrassment. Fear of judgment and evaluation from your end poured in. And then I walked into a conscious mode of acceptance of the fact.

I calmed down these thoughts, in next few moments. Went a little deeper into self. Understood the strength of the bond between us. I felt this was not simply based on my regular writing updates and your reading. But the very core of the understanding and affection that is revealed through this process of writing and reading.

This lesson then stood tall in front of me.

“When we sow the seed of knowledge, any act or relationship, water it with our deep understanding, prune it with acceptance of divine will and faith, nurture it with calmness and patience, love blooms in its full glory and shade.”

Wish you all a very happy Sunday!

God bless:)


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