Are you creating your destiny or the God is at work?

Turning the pages of Autobiography of a Yogi, I came across this fundamental. Known to all of us, yet, forgotten in the practice of daily life lessons.

A revision is needed thus, to be brilliant at basics once again.

The law of Karma stands for: 

Action and reaction

Cause and effect

Sowing and reaping

The mathematical equation is always at work. We know it or not. We see it or not. We understand it or not. We believe it or not.

It works the way it must.

Every thought has power. So has every action.

To examine and believe what Sri Yogananda ji says, try this:

Today, set your storyboard for the day.  First, sow the seed of thoughts that you want to germinate. Water them with your power of concentration and will. Take actions with full faith, belief, and confidence.  See what happens then.

When weeds of unwanted, fearful or insecure thoughts come. Uproot them with your will power. Do not water them with your full attention. Sometimes, most of the energy goes in addressing the thoughts, which must not be thought of. The result, the weeds in mind grow more than the planted seeds of positive and action-oriented thoughts.

The mind plays tricks. It starts its own narratives. Choose the story that you want it to play. Not the one that it plays on its own, at its own rhythm and music.

Be careful in your selection and be watchful of it. Gradually the whole beauty is in mastering the mind.

And then,

Once you master your mind and master your thoughts, you become the master of your destiny.

You become the craftsman of your life and your journey.

Finally, the God can be free and so can be situations and circumstances in your life from any blame when we understand this.

So experiment and play with equations in your life to see the results. Once you test and try them, then take the lesson embedded into them.

Decide then, who creates your destiny: the God or you yourself?

My naman to Paramahansa ji  for passing on this lesson in the Morning!





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