Be Aware of the Stories

I know.


You must be wondering.

Stories. We all love them.

Stories of love, revenge, ambition, adventure, fun and what not.

Now interestingly, we all have a constant narration and storytelling going on in our minds.

Who is the creator of these stories? We ourselves, aren’t we?

Our mind,  our thoughts that are based on our past and present experiences, our dreams and suppressed desires, wishes and ambitions. They all are mixed up with fancy and imagination with a touch of reality that help in concoction of different stories that are cooked in the kitchen of our mind everyday.

Sometimes we love the stories that our mind narrates and sings in our head. Sometimes we don’t. Sometimes this narration becomes too automatic and goes on an autopilot mode that we suffer. Sometimes we are in deep pain.  Any panacea?

To my mind, there could be three.

First,  take control of the mind. Create and generate stories that we want to hear and are healthy and good for us.

Second, be completely absorbed and engaged in the work that we do.

Third, practice mindfulness. Practice meditation.

I know, all things are easier said than done.


These work.

I am with you.

Stories have power to influence and shape our life, broaden our perspective. Let us choose and create them with what best we have.

One thought on “Be Aware of the Stories

  1. Ma’am, this is what I feel about Power of Mind. The most Powerful weapon in d world.
    People love being on the positive side of a story. A chain of imaginations frames a story that gradually transforms into an IDEA to achieve a Persons’ Goal. If not, then the story ends teaching some “Lessons’. In a way, framing stories always helps.

    Thank you, Ma’am !!
    Well written.
    (Y) 🙂

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