Meet the Adversity Professor!

Adversity_Professor_ImageCredit: Google Images

In the University of Life, Adversity is one of the oldest Professors. This professor loves the experiential mode of teaching for better understanding of the concepts of personal challenge, physical hardships and emotional misfortunes in one’s life. But unfortunately, unlike other professors, the Adversity Professors is known for his strict disciplinarian attitude and honest treatment of his subject under discussion. He loves assignments, timely submission and final desertions. So, we do not like him, nor do we like his ways of teachings and experimentation.

But it is only after understanding the deep lessons learnt from this teacher, we realize that his lessons are the best lessons of life because they leave the lasting impressions on our minds. His lessons reveal the true secrets of happiness and peace in life, his lessons reveal the lessons of compassion and empathy in life and his lessons reveal the true meaning of relationship and love in our lives.

And, should I mention, that this Professor is one of the best professors in the University of Life . And he is one of the most successful professors because he has to his credit, the shaping and making of the greatest people in this world. Whom he considers his favorite students!

If I may take names of few, whom you all know so well because of their great achievements,  Sir Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Gautam Buddha and Abraham Lincoln, Leonardo da vinci and Pablo Picasso, William Shakespeare and Mozart, Alexander the great, Nelson Mandela and Mother Teresa. Business personalities like, Henry Ford, Walt Disney, Sam Walton and Akio Morita. Sports starts like Cristiano Ronaldo, David Beckham, Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan and our own Master Blaster Sachin Tendulker, just to name a few. Well, there are millions of many such examples. Some are known in the world and some are unknown in the world. But the Adversity Professors knows that it does not matter whether you are known or unknown in the world but what matters is that the unknown realities , beauties and secrets should be known to these students in the University of Live.

So, if you want to know the hardships and toils and turmoils in the lives of all these students, just turn the pages of their autobiographical desertions and see how many sufferings , roadblocks and challenges they all have faced in pursuit of their passion. It is because, the Adversity Professor wanted them to suffer, to toil, to bleed and not to give up and this is what they all did. They sweated, and they suffered. They fell and they cried but they did not give up. They just kept on going, kept on moving, every day and every day with persistence and with perseverance, with passion and greatest of determination, with compassion and humble submission in pursuit of their soul mission. They just did what he said. They just followed what he commanded. They just remained calm, just like water, in their toughest of times. And they gained the fame for what the world knows  about them today and they become the favorites of this Professor.

If you want to take the course offered by him, then be ready to take one of the most adventurous, grueling, hard and gritting life lessons from the most dynamic teacher on the Campus, in the University of Life and you very know whom I am talking about, it  is by none another than THE ADVERSITY PROFESSOR!

By the way, my father got an A+ in this professor’s course!