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Earthquake with a Mega Shake!


Credits: Facebook images

For no one could predict his arrival, he was so unpredictable. The Earthquake.

He was massive.  7.5 to 7.9 in magnitude. I know you felt it too.

He came. Did his work. And left the stage with his strong presence felt.

He devastated. Caused Deaths. And left the debris all around.

Just like the Autumn. Leaving the dead leaves on the ground.

Death? He loved it so much!

Leaving so many, who are still waiting in their death lines?

And now , you and me thinking…

Was it a diminutive Apocalypse?  Or a gentle reminder by the GOD.

While news channels are bombarded with updates, so are FB walls. Tweets running in all directions and images zooming on Instagram. Capturing the moments of death and devastation all so fast.

You and I, are left busy in decoding the message that the death messenger has left behind.

Should we not forget that the man can never be mightier than the nature God?

After all this progress made, should we still believe our life is secure in this age after all?

Should we still be busy in our petty fights? Or love life and be grateful that we are alive?

Should we still be ready with our plans for our future life? Or enjoy and live each moment of our life?

Think, observe and tweak what you feel like, I am with you in your questioning zone.