Conscious Choices

We have choices available each day.

Let’s pick up the words, attitudes, narrations or stories running in our head to drive our day. Nothing is absolute. Situations and circumstances are relative in nature. The same episode or stimulus may have a different meaning for two different set of people.

What meaning and value we derive out of the situations, circumstances and people is absolutely our prerogative. Let’s use this wisely for our growth and progression.

As long as we know how to increase our sense of perception and grow our intelligence, intellect, and wisdom, through whatever comes in our lives: difficulties, pain and pleasure, we are on the right path.

Pain may yield pleasure and pleasure might lead to pain, there is no set identity for them unless we give them power and meaning.

Let’s live today, make those conscious choices that we want to make and not driven by circumstances, situations and people. Let’s learn to surrender and accept the way day unveils, still not losing the power to make choices and decisions amidst the things that do not make sense.

Let’s be sincere. Let’s be pure in our intention.  Let’s make the conscious choices and see the difference in the way we feel, live and drive the day!


  • Akansha sharma says:

    So pure…

  • Inderjeet says:

    Yes, we do have choices each day, however I believe it’s the emotions and circumstances that derive the decisions in most of the cases. Only those who overcome these deriving forces yield the success, not only in the materialistic form but also in the abstract form.
    So you are right, let’s be sincere and learn to make conscious choices. All the best!

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