Everything is Perfect!

This home in Gangtok is secluded, placed in the last, in the corner. Silence and solitude are its natural essence. May be I have developed a taste for them. Whatever be the narrative, I relish them immensely. Peace and divine blessings are the core of this home.
This very home somehow encourages me to explore the beauties and richness of the Mother nature.
In the walks, I see colourful flowers. Even willos have flower at the branch top that make them a perfect piece for painting. Lush green, pristine and untouched terrains of nature are captivating. Birdie’s home are a real beauty to watch.
A Gurudwara and Monastery are nearby to Anvay’s school. Their presence is serene. Monks are seen often. Spending time at these two places is what I aspire for the most here. Guru has promised me to continue my ‘ikigai’ journey.
While the flashboard for writing today’s post prompted too many themes, I picked up the lines from Dr Brian Weiss book that says, ” Everything is as it is meant to be. Everything is perfect as it is.”
In this perfection, in love with ikigai!


  • Mugdha says:

    Hi Pratibha!

    You took me to Gangtok with your word! My understanding is you have moved to this place..enjoy the change.


    • Pratibha says:

      Thanks a lot dearie.
      Yes, we shifted here on 23rd April. Just absorbing the change and relish
      ing it too!!
      With prayers and love!

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