Everything is Perfect!

Embrace what comes in your way.  Good or bad.

Be absorbed in the moment. And be yourself.

Soon the good and the bad will merge into one. They would be there to teach you some lessons. Circumstances, situations, and people come in your life with a purpose. Try to know that purpose. Savour the experience and move on! Don’t stuck in the past. Don’t sail in future. Be there, where you must!

You must do things that are in your control and there are things beyond your control. You can’t hold them for long. Work on what you can do best, leave rest to the lord. For nothing is permanent as Buddha says. The pain shall pass so would the fountain of ecstasy drain.

Once, this lesson, that outer thing should not disturb the inner peace of your being, you would be in a natural state of flow. In a state where you would be just doing what you must and offering everything to him, the lord. He shall be the doer and you shall be an instrument through which actions would be performed. So, just allow yourself to be completely empty of ego-driven self and let the Lord make you a perfect instrument for which you have come on this earth.

Everything will be perfect then. You would be in a state of completeness. Eternal music shall soothe your heart and soul. You would be loud and soft with completeness.

I know, as always, easier said than done. Not that easy to achieve this state.

But let’s take the first little step towards accepting that everything is perfect, complete and magical!

Then see, how does it make a difference, the way we see the world.

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  • Mohit says:

    Was feeling low due to circumstances going around me,shifted yet again to these lovely words and got a sense of satisfaction which can’t be expressed in words..

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