Experience your Limited Limitlessness Today

You have 24 limited hours in a day. There are limitless ways in which you can spend these moments.

You have limited number of people in your life. There are limitless ways, in which you can spend your time with them.

You have limited time in this life. But there are limitless ways in which you can spend your life.

Limitations provide immense opportunities for growth.

Look around. See problems. What’s challenging? What’s limiting your belief and yourself?

Change your perspective.

Look those problems as beautiful and limitless opportunities. See how do they provide you scope for progress, meaning and growth.

In such challenging situations, change your own belief. Discover, invent, travel inside your own self and you would be surprised to look at your own creativity and intellect.

Today, just look at those areas in your life where you find your biggest fears and limiting beliefs. And then challenge them and see how wonderful you feel.

Reasons for doing this are very simple, yet important.

Adding years to your life is not that important, as adding richer experiences to your life. Living long is not that important as living intensely, with a meaning and purpose in your life.

Thus making mistakes is important for you to know yourself. Pushing the boundaries of your self is important to understand and experience your limitlessness!

Today, experience and be absorbed into your limited limitlessness.

You would be amazed at the discovery, I am very sure!

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