Few Nuggets!

Rubbing my hands together, I am thinking of offering my words.

Let me unveil, today then, few nuggets from the recent experiences gained.

When you set a goal, you will face distractions as dementors. They will be external and internal both in nature. You need to identify them. Deal with them individually and work on them one by one to ward off their power.  A massive part of your energy otherwise would be wasted on beating them. Be wise. Be focused. Use your will. Keep your momentum of work. Momentum would keep you going.

Deadlines are good. Follow them. Some work otherwise never gets finished. If deadlines are not external, induce them or introduce them to yourself. Impose them on yourself. Once you accomplish a little goal, cherish it with your family and friends. Celebrate. But don’t forget to enjoy and be absorbed in the very pursuit of the goal, even when you feel frustrated sometimes in between. Relax when you feel so. Identify and be aware of such feelings and then let them go. Don’t allow them to overpower you.

Perfectionism sometimes is dangerous. Aspire for it. Work on it. Strain yourself. But understand, shipping of work, its completion is more important than working on it for an endless number of days. At some point of time, completion of work becomes more important than its perfection. Understand the needs and requirements of the goal. Because anyways, the very term perfection is relative and your standards might differ from those of others, so appreciate and understand the difference and do the expected work.

Install your internal Google. There is nothing more powerful than finding answers inside your own self. For you know everything. You just need to know this. Believe this. Have faith in it. Use this software with confidence. Within seconds you would get your answers displayed on your mind’s screen. The mind becomes your monitor along with CPU then.

Delete the unnecessary junk and clutter for that might slow down the very speed of your work and system. Keep your system of mind and heart clean by de-cluttering of the feelings of anger, jealousy, frustration, ego, competitiveness, and avarice by the power of meditation.

Goals are tagged important. Either you make them or society has assigned them some weightage. Remember, set your goals as per your value system and aspirations. Know your ‘why’ and ‘how’. Do what means and matters to you. You have one life to live and love. Don’t build your dreams on instructions of others.

And yes, when you feel exhausted and look for inspiration. Just be assured, it would be there sitting by your side all agape. It is there in an ant, little bird in the calendar, sticky notes on your table and your eatables. Just read the message and decode your inspiration. You would be loaded with heavenly inspiration.

Now, when I am re-reading my own words, I feel, I am writing for myself and not for anyone else.

Is there anyone else here? I doubt.

Wishing you all a wonderful and fulfilling day ahead.

God bless!

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