Focus on Action, Not on Fruits of Action!

We all have desires. These desires drive us into action. When we act, we have certain goals and agendas in mind led by those desires.

When we achieve those set goals, desires get fulfilled, we feel pleasure. Otherwise, we feel pain. We get attached to the end result. We want things to happen the way we expect and want them to be. Our intellect and wisdom combined with ‘will’ guide us to take action in pursuit of our dreams.

Everything we do, engage in, is good. Except for one thing. Attachment to the results. Focus on the attainment of fruits of action done.

Before we take any action, we have the end result or goal set in mind. That definitely is a pre-requisite for the motivation and providing us the momentum. But in such case, there is one thing that becomes an obstruction in our progress-our attachment, as I said to the end result.

We can be above this pain and pleasure when we focus solely on the action at hand and not the result or fruits of its actions. A shift in perspective can make a difference. Gradually, the very practice of working with a focus on the action itself can make us feel the difference in the way we do our work. A vision with right intentions is more important than the focus on the fruits of your action.

When we work with the focus on action ‘karma’, how best we could do the taken work in alignment with our higher self, then the results somehow do not matter. All you do, or focus on, is giving your best to the work under progression.

Moving beyond fruits of actions, results and your attachment to these, you would find a different meaning. You would simply act with love, relish each moment while being in that action and offer everything to him-the Lord. You would be above pain and pleasure then.

Nothing would affect you. You would be in a state of calmness with blissfulness, absorbed in every moment.

Not easy to attain, but we can make a little progress by working on it every day!

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