For ‘You’ on this Deewali!

It has to come from deep inside me-my writing, whatever I write on this blog.  Although, by this time, my mind has been trained to follow the instructions of the self and by following the instructions, it can create the post, the way I want, on the topic I want. Still, I strongly feel, writing on this platform must connect me to myself and me to you. If my writing doesn’t fulfil this purpose, then, it must take some rest to find out its cause and cure. Maybe that was the reason I didn’t write and updated the last two posts. You wanted to know, so here I show.

For me, writing on this medium is an expression of the self where I am honest to the self and to you. Many a time, this very act of writing has worked as medicine for me because of its therapeutic effect. No, I am not sick. Just for the health of my mind and its cleaning.  Writing comes as a wonderful cleaner. It swipes and mops the dirt and leaves the rooms in my mind-shinner and brighter.  You too can try this. It works. Believe me. Just engage in free writing and see where do your mind and your writing take you.

Now let me confess. I am writing today because of ‘you’. You have asked me. I don’t want your mind to tell and narrate some stories that have no correlation between the reality and the truth. I want you to know that for me, this platform and these writing posts are more than simply expressing my ideas and thoughts on topics that matter most to me.  Initially, though, the writing was more important than the expression. Now, the expression is more important than mere placement of words in a sequential order and ensure their perfect sound and rhythm. Earlier, it was momentum in the writing and not breaking the chain was the goal, now, to find the deepest truth and reveal and express myself is the ambition. That’s how, the purpose, the goal and orientation has changed. You know- change is the only thing that is constant in nature, don’t you? You might not find those differences that I am referring to until you travel to the journey of the posts that I composed, but as a traveller, I must share with you my journey, milestone and destination covered.

My journey was to explore this very act, art and expression of writing. I am still a learner and traveller and so shall be all my life. My milestones have been posts where I have connected and touched your hearts, where my writing has inspired and healed your heart. My destination has been each post where it met the very purpose for which it began on its own, with the purpose to connect and share a message.

Today, for you, my dearest reader, I write. To tell that writing is more than simply updating the blog post for me. Writing to me is talking to my own self. Writing to me is talking to you and connecting with you.  Writing to me is finding out myself. Writing to me is a reflection. Writing to me is developing deepest of concentration. Writing to me is meditation. Writing to me is, now I can say, a form of ‘Sadhana’.

Thanks to you for asking me to write. For if I have not written today, I wouldn’t have explored to express, what it means to me and how important it is in my life.

Thanks for your prayers.

Like the eternal light of Dewali, writing might discover and illuminate the self.

In this season of festivity, I thus pray to the Lord, to bless you with the wisdom and knowledge so that you could discover that eternal light inside you that dispels the darkness of fear, anger, hatred, jealousy and ego inside.  A self-perpetuating light, that finds its wick and oil in the form of art, work or service that you could offer and find the deepest meaning in doing it so as to ignite and enlighten your inner and truest self forever.



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