Game of Snake and Ladder

Like always, Anvay cajoled me to play snake and ladder with him. Reluctant myself, but helpless in his front, I sat to play.  He assured me of having fun in the game. I was convinced before he said anything to me.

More than playing the game, you know, I was looking for something deep. Some profound lessons.

Some are too obvious such as life is like the game of snake and ladder where the stairs are symbolic of success and snake of failures.

In such games, there is more of chance and law of probability that seem to be a work. In life, but, there are one’s actions, determination, focus and hard work that determine ones success.

Interestingly I found, as long as our focus is on winning , loosing too looks too big. But the moment, focus is shifted to playing the game, the game becomes more charming rather than winning and loosing. It depends which perspective we want to adopt, when and why.

Next, it is the presence of partner or opponent, whatever you love to call, makes the game thrilling. Game is played, winning or loosing is decided on the movement of the partner. Play alone, you would see the difference.

Also, irrespective of the presence of the partner, you never know, when he would win and sit. Ultimately, you might have to play and travel the entire distance yourself. So, enjoy when together and also, when alone. Focus only on, playing the game, throwing the dice, enjoying being together and reaching to the final destination. Then, begin again!

Significance of numbers in the game is relative. Initially, we aspire for the biggest number. If 6 on the dice, we feel happy, another chance and another 6 and one more chance. But the moment we reach to Number 99, it is not 6, but number 1, that we desire so much. Numbers are relative.

When we know, we have to reach to the end, no matter when and in how many attempts, all we need to do is to keep playing, be consistent and relish the journey from 1 to 100 with our partner. Though, the beginning and the end will have different context and meaning for each player. Rest, snake and ladder would provide its own meaning as we see and approach it. So, play the game, the way you want to!

Wishing everyone happy playing hours!


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  • Vijay srivastava says:

    Nice post as usual ma’am…
    Approach matters that how we tackle any situations or problems in our life

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