Geeta-Unveiling the Secret to Happiness

I had missed her call. I called her back. There was chirpiness in her voice. She said, “Pratibha, today is my birthday.”
In my autopilot mode, with the ever-ready song of wishes, I expressed my birthday wishes to her.
We talked for some time. There were references of the past, how life will unveil in days to come, projects to plan and execute. How to work together.
And then, with somber in tone, she expressed, how life has changed and money does not give the lasting happiness to her that she is seeking and looking for. Little things inspire her. And then she shared about Geeta-her maid, unveiling the secret to happiness!
Geeta is a Rajasthani. She listens to songs on her mobile. She has her own playlist of songs. Adorned with silver jewelry and bangles that bedeck her, make her look beautiful, hardly trouble her when she works. She works for longer hours without getting tired. She smiles always.
When Neelam says, “I love you, Geeta.” Reciprocating she says, “Ram Ram Madam.”
After working hard throughout the day, she goes to eat golgappas in the evening and relishes them to the fullest. She has many children. She looks after them. Her husband drinks, but she doesn’t get perturbed by his behavior. She lives simply. She loves her work. She is happy. She is inspiring.
Geeta, unveiled to her, the lessons of the Geeta: Work. Work with love. And be happy. Lord is there with you always!
Thanks Neelam Ma’am.
We all wish you lasting happiness, inner joy, peace and prosperity in life.
With prayers and love!!

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