Going Beyond the Mind

The mind is a wanderer. It loves traveling in the past or future.
It engages in narratives and stories that sometimes don’t even exist. It makes speculations, analyses and observations. It draws a conclusion and inferences. As a reservoir of a huge database, it uses the theories read and experiences gained in giving the answers.
Two people living in the same situation would respond in different ways based on what answer the mind unveils at that moment.
Feeding the mind with the nourishment and care is the responsibility of thus each individual.
Decluttering it, is important. Letting go of what is not required is relevant. Providing space so that it can work well is imperative.
Its beauty and full potential are realized when one is involved in the present. Living in the present. Being into the moment.
Its creative possibilities are matchless, so are its negative shades. Understanding them through experience is the best way possible. Keeping a check and uproot the unwanted weeds are important sessions to be engaged in often.
The mind is not “who I am”.
“I am” way beyond it, is the journey to be traveled.
Going beyond it, is inexplicable at the moment.
Leaving it for you to travel and experience!

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