Cancer. OCD. Death. Truth. Love. Life. Learning. Lessons.
Inspiration is absorbed into each one of them.

Efforts make a difference. This difference is unveiled when our dreams come true.

When we care, we share.
Problems open a gateway to learning.
Challenges are important for self-growth and evolution.
How we deal with them, change our perspective and meaning.
In pursuit of solving them, we dig deeper and find a newer self.

When we talk, we find answers.
We probe and new questions are born.
In their quest, we embark on a new journey.
The worth of this journey is in traveling and gaining insights through experiential learning. And when the tipping point comes, inspiration blooms and announces a great change.

So, find your inspiration and just keep moving.
Life is beautiful. Relish all its flavors and shades until you become a blissful soul, all by yourself.

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