Let the things Flow Through You!

Allow the things to flow through you.

If you don’t. You would stagnate. Try it. And see the results.

When your gratitude, love, knowledge, care, concern, resources and everything that you have, flow,  it becomes rain. It becomes source of creation.

Just let things flow in every form and see what happens. Don’t believe and take what I say. Just experiment and see the results.

When you allow the things to flow and feel as if you are the source, the creator and the one, who would be in the best form of life, write to me. I would be the happiest to be with you. To be with the creator!

One thought on “Let the things Flow Through You!

  1. Hello everyone, i tried and i got the results and appreciations too but I’m still trying n trying to improvise..

    It works ..

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