Motherhood-redefining the self!

It is 4:30 AM by my watch. He is sleeping, the new bundle of joy and love.

Advised not to read or write at this time because it strains the weaker eye muscles, I am still writing.  6 weeks and 40 days have passed now. I feel liberated. It has been long since I updated. I am wearing my glasses, be assured.

He came on the 13th May. 6:55 AM. It was Mothers day!

Life has changed. So have I. Home looks new, so does every relationship. I have lowered expectations from my own self and thus I have surrendered. For if I do not, I would suffer!

I am not the first one to write. You know it already, don’t you?

Motherhood is painfully blissful.

It exhausts yet strengths. Limits, yet allows being limitless. It weakens the body, yet strengths mentally and emotionally. It breaks and makes a newer you! You know it so well, don’t you?

Just read my kaleidoscopic thoughts, they may not be joined cohesively together.  Forget the errors, find the natural rhythm.  See how the days and nights have merged into one.  Notice a change in the sleeping patterns. If you judge, you would be puzzled. The home looks messy,  cluttered, still beautiful. Nappies, diapers, little clothes, hangers, baby oil, baby cream, I am with them. Not to miss, with life itself.

Time is flying.  He is of 68 days now. My world is finding a new meaning and definition.

Anvay is jealous. He complains and seeks my undivided attention. My friend Neelam has told me, this would happen for sure,  beforehand.  Despite being jealous, he is showing signs of maturity and growth. He is a big bro now after all! I am happy for him. He is such an understanding boy! I wish I could tell him how much proud I am of him.

The little angel, when he smiles, holds my finger in his hands, that is the moment of sheer bliss, complete joy-inexplicable and ineffable! I look up to the lord and just thank him. He has blessed us with such wonderful things.

Too much I can write still it would be too less. I am overflowing with emotions and thoughts at this moment. After all, I am writing after so many days.  Difficult for me is to express. It is a good sign. I should settle for less today. For you know, less is sometimes more.

Thanks for your patience and understanding. I know your wishes, blessings and love are always there with me! Stay connected.

I miss you. I miss writing. If I do not post regularly, just understand me.

With prayers and love

God bless!


  • Piyush says:


  • RK SINGH says:

    Congratulations! ma’am on your new born baby.

  • Prashant says:

    Many many many Congratulations to u mam & ur family for the best blessing u got. This blessing surely does grow day by day. Wonderful narration how life is transforming with one first kid and starting again with new new born at the same time.
    I can feel these words are purely coming out of the heart and not brain.
    Very happy for you mam. Stay blessed with the lord’s new blessing. Take care.

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