There is a beautiful thing happening at this time of the year. There is a bigger lesson and meaning to draw from it.
When 2018 is coming to an end, we are crushing our goals, achieving our taregts and pushing ourselves hardest. The purpose is to live in full intensity before the year ends.
This intensity is magnified by this fact that the year is coming to an end.
And the charm is glorified by the new year that allures and attracts us. The thought of new fills us with new hopes, dreams and possibilities of what could be achieved and attained, which couldn’t be, in this year. The beauty is in vision, in dream, in planning, in action to be taken.
The possibilty to make 2019 as your best year ever is rooted in now. Look back, reflect, review, what you gained, where you failed. What you could have done to be your best self and how you would have done that.
The foundation is laid in this year. Celebrate the end. Be ready for the beginning with zeal and enthusiasm. All is happening now. Work on now and see what awaits for you in future.
Life is such. Before it comes to an end. Let’s life with purpose, meaning and fulfilment.
Let’s celebrate the end and the beginning together. How? By being fully present in ‘now’!!

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