O Divine Mother!

Maa has been source of all the creation. The energy that permeates into each atom and molecule. She is brahma. She is eternal. She is the beginning and the end. She is the ultimate truth, the atman. She is the light. In the darkness too, she resides. She is pure consciousness. She is blissfulness eternal.
To thy Mother, we offer our prayers in these days of Navratras. Her different forms inspires us to understand the world in its completeness.
The human frality and vulnerability enthuses to explore the infinte within us in these 9 days. The veil of ignorance in different forms that cover the truth and does not allow us to see them, these 9 days of Navratras offer us those opportunities to dig into ourselves in a more focused way and find those evils and demons that we have to fight and slay within us. Thus,
Let’s seek the divine love and grace.
Let’s be in her closeness.
Let’s surrender all to her will and command.
Let’s ask her, to show us the path.
Let’s implore from her nothing, but herself.
Let’s devote ourselves to her alter!
Let’s ‘be’
And melt into nothing!
Wishing all of us a very happy and prosperous Navratras.
May gooddess bless us all!!

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