On the Path-with a Single Step

Drop your expectations and see how peaceful and magical everything then looks.  Expectations from people around, circumstances and situations around, work that we do, relationships that mean too much to us.

Quite easier said than done. I know.

But, we can always try and see then what happens.

Pain comes when we want things and people to be the way we want them to be. Suffering deepens when circumstances yield a different result that we had not expected and imagined.

Shall we try to avoid pain and suffering then? A no and a yes both.

To avoid them is not possible until a stage where they have a deeper meaning and purpose to serve in our lives. They have cathartic impact. They purgate our feelings and emotion. A kind of internal cleaning that takes place. As long as this purpose is served, if we could know and understand this, these become agents of divine grace to be showered on individuals. These internal struggles and pain deepen our strength and sometimes bring out the best within us.

After some progress, when an individual comes out of pain and suffering, that is created by the mind, situation and circumstances in life, one can decide to lead a life devoid of pain and suffering. Buddha, Nanak, Mahavir were above pain and suffering.

They surrendered their lives to the will of the lord. They lived under the constant divine grace of the lord. They mastered their minds. They accepted everything that came in their life with equanimity. They were in perennial alignment with their higher self. They experienced constant ecstatic bliss. They all had their different path to reach to the same destination. Three different lives and three different stories. They have their share of pain and suffering both. And then, they reached to the Nirvana.

For us too, each person, situation and circumstance in life has a purpose. If, we could know and understand this. We too could progress on the path. The path where we know our truest and highest self. Although, it is always there with us, inside us, yet-unseen and unexplored to us. Until we take the complete the journey and walk on the path, seldom can we see our unseen and unexplored world.

Today, let’s walk one more step. A little step in the direction of finding our own self.



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