He looked pious and innocent to me. The closer he was reaching to his ultimate abode, the calmer and peaceful I found him. Exposure to chemo sessions had made him weaker and fragile, black and bald he looked; his inner will, faith in the lord and inner beauty had grown, however, million times.

This is how I perceive the events that took place five years back.

2 November was the day when he left us. 2013 was the year!!

I felt alone. The ache of separation from my beloved father was unbearable. The world looked dark and gloomy. Things were not yielding meaning. The pain was sharp, unfathomable and piercing.

Today, I feel his presence. Not in the physical form, but on emotional, intellectual and spiritual planes. I see him guiding me, every day, every moment. His lessons taught are my companions today, his blessings and love strengthen me to walk in the world with gratitude, courage, and humbleness.

His life and death both, taught me lessons that transformed my life, I share those few with you today.

– Have unflinching faith in the lord. If he does not give you what you want, he gives you what you need. If he takes away something, there are some lessons and meaning into them. Strive to reach to your core and connect with him to find those meaning.

-Sufferings in life soften. Accept them and use them as opportunities to be closer to yourself and to him.

-Serve others. Offer the best that you have. Give what you have and feel the abundance and richness in your life.

-It is not the higher salary, title or position that matters. Your work with dedication, honesty and integrity is the mantra for long-term success and inner fulfillment.

-Spend time with family. Make room for your communication with the lord. Do it every day without any fault. Rituals are important, but the most important sutras are the discipline and unfaltering dedication to what you do in your life with faith in him.

-Speak less, do more. Allow the actions to speak louder.

-Treat everyone with respect and love. And do not hesitate to speak against your own, when they are wrong. Be strong and fearless.

-live your dreams. Develop will and power to fulfill your dreams on your own. Become independent understanding interdependence.

-live your life to the fullest.

-Die peacefully with grace.

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