Recipe for a Blissful Day!!

On the slice of a day, spread the cheese of your choices,

Put the veggies of love and laughter,

Bake, with the knob of patience turned on!

Sprinkle acceptance of divine grace as the topping,

Surrendering to his will and command!

Eat healthy, think healthy and go green.

Nothing is too great,

Until strived with an indomitable spirit.

For lunch…

Work with devotion and dedication,

With compassion for others,

Dreams in your heart,

And a smile on your face.

Go little and…

When tired,

Drink the juice,

Extracted from challenges crushed into opportunities to the brim!

In the evening..

Move on, even when you feel crestfallen,

For the beauty lies in,

Giving what you all have with an open heart!!

At night..

Have the dinner with hands joined in gratitude,

Thanks him for everything..

For living a fulfilling day in full spirit!

And then..

Slip into meditative sleep,

And know that the world merges into you,

With completeness,

And nothing left,

Because you are the Universe,

Truth is this!!!









    I was literally shattered and confused with my new job new life and i was thinking to quit this job but Ms. Pratibha ma’am you just turn the tables after reading this recipe you literally boosted my energy…
    Thank you so much for writing amazing lines and keep doing that..😇

    • Pratibha says:

      Hey Aakash,
      Great to hear from you dear.
      Never ever give up!
      Every dark cloud has a silver lining. And believe me, if you find the job really tough, go for it and face it, for it is there that your maximum growth and development takes place.
      God bless you dear.
      With loads of prayers and best wishes!

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