Secrets for 2018!

In the dawn of this new year, dwell into your presence, lingering not into the past and pondering not into the future.

For what you always have, is now, this very moment. Make the best use of it, ‘be’ in it, as you can.

Choices you always have, what to do, how to do and where to find resources to reach to the goal, where you want. When goals you have, remember, means to achieve them are also important. So set your goals carefully. They make you and shape you so well.

In pursuit of your goal, make a promise to yourself. Not to others. They are with you, as accountability partners, as inspiration modules, as guiding mentors. But, it is you, who has to take the action. Take the onus. Move with fearlessness and courage. Be absorbed in what you do. Take relentless efforts in pursuit of your goals. When tired, look up to him, the lord!

Then rest, you must not think much. Mind sometime becomes your potent foe. Know how to tame it, lead it and befriends with it. Use it to your best advantage.  And do it sooner than later.  Focusing your mind not on thinking much, but on taking action. Crafting your Karma. Destiny then is your own creation. Because reaping is always of what you sow. 

If you fail, that you must, to learn better and embrace the very success growing into the womb of failure. Move. Stop not. For that would propel you to your final destination. Revealing to you, that failure is just a perception.

Smile. Play. Love. And Give. Be with your family and friends. See, how happy you could always be, even amidst, the most dismal situations.

When exhausted sometimes. Relax.  Breathe. Look into the very nothingness and transitoriness of the things. See how limited time you have in the world. Don’t fretter over it, in pining away then.  In those moments. Just surrender.  Know the power of surrender. Feel its essence inside you. Let it overflow and blanket you. Because when you surrender into the very moment, beauty unveils, surprises steps in, solutions revealed and life blooms.

And then, be in peace.

See how life smiles with you in every moment.

Can we say these are secrets for 2018?

Don’t believe because I say them.

Test them. Play with them. Be adventurous and experiment with them.

Write your own secrets. I just shared mine.

Still, I am in search, so should you be!

Good Luck!

And my favorite-

God bless 🙂




  • Prashant says:

    Beautifully expressed and taught.
    It would be great if all the teachers in the world have this skill then learning would never be the pressure and load to students but fun & sincere.
    Great post mam.. God bless 🙂

    • Pratibha says:

      God bless Prashant!
      Wish you a blissful, prosperous and fulfilling 2018!
      Feel extremely blessed and express my deepest gratitude:)

  • Rubal says:

    Happy new year :))

    • Pratibha says:

      Dear Rubal,
      Thanks very much. Hope you are doing great.
      Accept my blessings and love for a meaningful, progressive and blissful 2018!

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