The Next Idea!


They are brilliant, interesting, crazy, stupid, out of the box in nature.

Spend time with them when they come to you.

Date with them.

Once they are given attention, care, love and nurturance. They bloom and grow to become supportive, caring, loving and giving.

Starting of this blog was an idea that came to me in 2015. I was fearful, intimidated.

What people would think about me? What if I sound foolish?  What if my writing would not make sense to anyone? But then, these ideas of learning, sharing, caring and solving some issues through this means of writing were stronger than all these fearful and negative thoughts. I mustered courage. Took the little step. The first step.

I read about blogging. Read books on writing. Read and subscribed to blogs. Took help from people. Started this blog. Wrote. You read and responded. I felt great and full of overflowing gratitude. I am thankful and indebted to you all. You gave dimensions and meaning to this blog. Your reading, your support, your comments and eternal invisible presence mean a lot to me.

Now, there is time for me to execute the next idea. To work with you, for you,  for self, for learning, for growth. Then offer everything to him-the lord!

Need your blessings and best wishes.

Here, on the pages of this blog, I shall share with you, what am I going to do next.

If you too want to share and write something, please connect.

I am there with you, always!

God bless:)


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  • Inder says:

    Hey Pratibha, all the best for your next idea/step.

    I at this point of time can’t think of what your next idea would be or what will be it related to, however as a reader I expect you to write your mind out as expressively as possible.
    Would glad to see your thoughts on many other subjects other than what you generally share i.e. motivation.
    Best of luck!

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