Way to Blissful 2018!

This time of the year has its own charm and magic. There are reviews done, promises made and goals set. Interestingly, even if we do not do any one of these things, life would still move and New year would knock at our door, without much fuss. How do we welcome it, all depends on us.

In one case, it is more prepared and conscious effort. In another, just moving with the flow of the days and months. The difference is perceived in the way we live each day and find meaning in work and people with whom we associate. Both ways are beautiful!

2017 has definitely blessed us with many memorable moments. There are important and meaningful lessons that the year has given us. It is important to let those lessons carve deep in our memory so that we never forget them.

In these couple of days, you would have many things to plan and execute. Promises to fulfill and people to be met. I just wish you to do this. Take out little time for yourself. Express your deepest gratitude to the lord, to people, to relations and work that provide meaning and fulfillment in your life.

Be in silence. Try to travel inside. Feel the abundance and richness that you have been blessed with, in every aspect of your life. Let those feelings overwhelm you. Let you be submerged in that blissfulness of completeness and richness in your life.

As 2017 has turned out to be the best year ever for you, so would be 2018.

Just move with faith, belief, courage, love, gratitude, prayer, surrender, and complete acceptance of whatever comes your way.

Wish you a blissful 2018!

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