Writing Amidst Medlam of a Day

Publishing this post was not that easy.  Not because of its length and difficulty in writing but the time duration taken to complete this writing and then posting it on this portal (Sounds musical). Know this-learning Hebrew and Greek sounded easier than publishing this. Believe me. I am serious. And I am not joking.

I wrote this, as if deliberately taking tightrope walking, that too without using a long stick for any support, falling every now on the grounds of reality and everyday work, meeting the demands of urgent and unknown domestic pit of calls, standing up again and then finally racing towards the end of the blog post rope that too with a red puckered face, on top.

I bumped into myself when heavily drunk with my own thoughts on 29th about writing this post. I hardly knew unpredictable weather conditions of my own home. The rains of Anvay’s demands and Anvit cries made me realize, I now live in a different world-the Mommy’s World, in service almost 24*7!

For writing, I had to turn on my laptop that seems difficult than opening my own new garments shop, opening a boutique or consultancy (by the way none of these I can do confidently except teaching and writing).

To turn on my laptop, that is kept in my bedroom for my convenience on the study table, I had to make my way, in my own home, through the blaring noise of Despacito played by Anvay who was dancing on its beats as if doing acrobatics imitating Jai Hemant Shroff (My God, I didn’t know that’s Tiger Shroff. Thanks to Anvay!!). I was wondering what if Karan Johar selects him for Student of the Year-10. I wish him a long life-live long Karan Johar!! He was so engrossed (Anvay and not Karan) in dancing as if preparing for the final round of India’s Got Talent Show, only to be rejected by Karan (if he comes to Judge the show along with Farah by that time). The dancing moves of Anvay were complemented by TV series in one go: Roll No 21 on Cartoon Network, a south Indian movie on Sony Max and Zee Cinema, OMG Ye Mera India on History TV18, Baker Sisters FYITV 18, Tiny House Nation and yes Oggy and the Cockroaches..ahh!I was surprised to see his selection series with such speed. Were we too like him in our childhood? May be mommies know the answer of this.

While I was so focused in moving towards my Lakshya like Arjuna, I was pulled towards cooing and crying of Abhi joining the music of his elder bro, stretching and cycling, but unlike him, he chose to be a perfect disciple of Baba Ram Dev in my mummy’s room. I walked with the butterfly stroke to reach faster. I was Wonder Woman clinging Abhi (Anvit) in my lap like Monkey’s baby and looked at his face that smiles so beautifully that my heart melted into that moment. The mother monkey would disagree with me and might grow jealous outrightly.  And I know she too would be right. By the time I was cradling Abhi to lull to sleep in a voice similar to that of Lata ji, my mother called me in the kitchen to ensure that someone comes in the home to take up the things, replacing the good ones with the bad one, just because I am little careless in bolting the doors of the home in regular routines. She has delusion disorder. She gets fearful and insecure about us-her children. And then I and Anvay join the team to pacify her annoyance with our wit, logic and stories. Believe me, not that easy.  But through her eyes, now I see, what it means to be a mother and care for her babies.

In the medlam of such a day, I see many persons living inside me.  Responding to many calls and taking actions in multiple domains. Sometimes thinking too much and sometimes slipping into the meditative zone of self only to peep deeper into the inner horizons to understand the nature of the self that is just a speck containing a world in itself. That world mirrors laughter when I laugh and tears when I cry. I know I have a choice always. Sometimes obvious and sometimes not. And today, I decided to laugh than to sit and brood over the seriousness of insignificance that fills the life so much in everyday proceedings!

The doorbell rings now. The man with the gas cylinder has come. I need to check if I have enough cash and changes in my purse to give him. While I do that, know this is how I took three days to complete this post….not in hours but in days… the journey of writing and penning down one thought after the other is worth memorable….leaving…for you all, the ready post to give a read and a thought for now.


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