2018 is coming to an end.
We hold different accounts in the bank of life. Self, work, family, friends and He, whom we call our Lord!
The year offered us a ChequeBook of 365 days.
What we withdrew and what we deposited depend on each one of us.
There are a fixed number of cheques left in the year that are still left blank.
We save, we invest, we spend or we donate that all depends on us.
What we do and how do we do that make a big difference.

We do it consciously or unconsciously, with what intentions, again that matters the most.
Once we raise our level of awareness, we can see and make a significant difference in the way we approach the things in life and the way our account shall be settled at the end.

Before 2019 comes, therefore, it is worth to review the accounts and make new considerations.
And then be ready to write the cheques on an everyday basis in 2019 with different pens of understanding, awareness, truthfulness, and intentions.
What we write that shall be absolutely our prerogative.
Let’s live, celebrate and be grateful to this life of abundance, beauty, and amazing richness!!


  • Inderjeet says:

    Hey, as usual the post is amazing!!

    Wish you all the best for the new your, may you succeed in whatever you are endeavoring for!

    • Pratibha says:

      Thanks a lot Inder.
      Great to hear from you after a long time.
      Sending my prayers and best wishes for your endeavors as well.
      God bless!

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