Happy Holi

Holi is festival of colours. Symbol of different shades in life. Announcing the cosmic, perennial celebration in which we are consciously and unconsciously absorbed in playing. In this play, like … Continue Reading →


Experiences deepen the understanding. Understansing deepens the knowledge of the true self. True self is one. This is the truth. Truth is Shiva. Truth is Bramha. To realise this truth, … Continue Reading →


Cancer. OCD. Death. Truth. Love. Life. Learning. Lessons. Inspiration is absorbed into each one of them. Efforts make a difference. This difference is unveiled when our dreams come true. When … Continue Reading →


Observe. Be still and calm. How you feel, how you express, how you connect, how you act. Observe then. Why? This observation must lead to understanding and acceptance. Understanding of … Continue Reading →