Seeking Your Blessings and Best Wishes!

You have stood with me in the times of crisis and in the moments of celebration. In the times of depression, in the moments of writing and creation.

I am indebted to you. No matter how much I write, I know, no words could match your praise and support.

Today, when I am nearing my final submission, submission of the Ph.D. thesis, I seek your blessings and good wishes.

This pursuit of more than 5 years long journey, indubitably, gained its momentum and relevance because of your good company. You shared and suggested. You encouraged and commented.

Too many lessons I learned and immense experience I gained. I wish I could pass on to you all, all at the optimum momentum!

Patience and perseverance stood one of the tallest among all. One taught me to wait and another to strive, against all the odds.

The journey so long, made me realize of my own pigmy understanding of the things and vastness of the oceanic knowledge beyond this world.

The more I read, the more I realized of my littleness, of my ignorance, and of my limitedness.

I laugh sometimes when I see how my inflated ego talks at random. But somehow, that too has become a tamed friend to an extent now.

Today, before I take that final step of submission. I bow to the lord. Express my thanks to you all. And seek your blessings, before writing the final word on my thesis.