2019: Let Go of Your Past

It happened this time. In 2019, on January 4th. After years whose exact count I don’t remember, I saw my mother taking that step of letting go of a small stretch of her past.
That brown leather suitcase that had treasured the clothes of my brother, who passed away at the age of 5, whose absence created a vacuum in her life, a loss that increased with passing of each year, liberated at the beginning of this year, 2019.
When I asked her this time when cleaning the Almirah, like everytime I do, to take out the clothes from that suitcase and give away those clothes, she said “Yes.” A yes that was not forced. A yes that was devoid of anger and frustration. A yes, that was natural. A yes when Abhi was in her lap and I felt, as if there was her liberation.
My ears took some time to digest this fact. For 30 years she has kept them, possessed them without talking about them. I saw that suitcase every year thinking about its purpose. Too deep it is. I am just understanding it in amazement.
I was happy to see her. I felt a deep relief within.
From 1st of January to 10th, I was there at Alwar. Yesterday evening I came back. Too many memories and lessons are packed in the journey of these 10 days that I spent there. One by one, I shall take out to them. For today, this one would do the best. LET GO.
Let go of the past events, painful memories, traumatic events. Forgive those who did something wrong as you consider them. They didn’t know. They just did what they thought was right. Just accept them. Just see where life has taken you. Be thankful. Express gratitude.
Look at those events, don’t they yield newer meaning? Had those events not happened, you wouldn’t be where you are today and what you are today.
By letting go, feel lighter.
By letting go, feel peace within.
By letting go, feel fulfilled.
By letting go, experience unsaid in this post!

Wish you all a wonderful and lighter day ahead!

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