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I am Pratibha. I live with my husband, son and mother in India. Teaching is my passion and so is reading books. I created this blog so that I can share what I have learnt from all the books that I have read so far and all the things that experiences in life has taught me so far. I love listening to music, dancing and taking to people and yes, these days I love spending moments of silence with nature!

Oneness in All!

Listen to the chirping of birds in silence.

Breathe to experience stillness inside you.

Go beyond the overactive mind. Allow it to be quiet.

Then just ‘be’.

Keeping all the identities at a distance for a while.

Be in the moment. This very moment.


It is peaceful. It is magical. It is divine.

Be immersed in it. Completely absorbed.

We can be there….in this moment…like this…throughout the day. We just need to practice.

Bring this level of consciousness to the forefront.

And then…


And experience …

The difference.

The difference in the way we live.

The way we perceive.

The way we connect.

To the self.

To the others.

And then…


Oneness in all!