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Standing tall, this wall has witnessed many invaders and seen many battles. Build with the purpose to protect its country from external invasions, raids and with the purpose to control border, regulation of trade and control on citizen’s migration, this wall stands today as a symbol of rich cultural heritage and one of the greatest human feats in historical architecture. Beginning its life’s journey in the 7th century BC, the wall reached its greatest extent in the 1368-1644 at the time of Ming Dynasty, claiming itself to be the longest wall in the human history. It took massive human strength, action and courage to build this wall. The wall known as THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA in the world.

Now what do I suggest. I suggest building a Great Wall within. Why?


Because invaders were earlier and they are today also. These invaders may come from any side and attack us. But the biggest and the fiercest one, according to me, is the Distraction Dragon of today. This Distraction dragon is horribly beautiful. A ten-headed dragon, with five visible heads and five invisible,  it slithers with its long tail, scaly skin and attacks with its sharp claws our time and devour our energy and resources. It pounces fast and kills slow. Using our beautiful possessions as gimmick such as our mobile phones, TV screens , lap tops, tabs and all kinds of latest gadgets, it entices us. Making us fool every time. Defeating our purpose every time. Distracting us every time, from our most important tasks.  And through its invisible heads which are: fear, anxiety, negative thinking, stress, procrastination, it enters inside our bodies and become our persistent enemy. It kills our inner self every day and just like phoenix, we take birth from our own ashes every day.

I too was its victim,  brutally tortured by this fiercely vigilant distraction dragon many a times. It attacked me severely . So I have decided to build a great wall within.


Because a dragon can only kill another dragon and save us. I think, this distraction dragon can only be defeated by the dragon length wall. And by building the dragon wall, the great wall within, we can save ourselves. The wall which will bear its attack and will ward off its every anger. Since the distraction dragon works all day long, 24*7, like a parasite surviving on our own energy, giving as false contentment and enrichment and we are always vulnerable to its false deception.

Since we are the kings and queens of our own dynasty, it is important for us to be safe. When we are safe, then we will be able to take care of our internal castle of dreams, goals, ambitions and family objectives. By building such robust great wall, we too can protect ourselves from the distraction dragon. The sooner we build the wall, the better we will be able to work and will get the better results.  Because time and tides wait for none and we are just another drop in the ocean.This wall will not only protect us from external invasions but also give us psychological strength to work better.


Like the great wall, this wall too will be made up of bricks and mortars. The bricks of self discipline, positive thinking, positive attitude, patience and perseverance. Mortar of focus, will power, commitment and dedication. Believe in self and purpose in life will give the support to the wall. Polishing can be done using your creativity and powerful imagination. Building wall, will definitely take time, but, since Rome was not built in a single day, so will this wall take time.

But make sure to build it day by day and day after day , month after month and year after year and within a year you will see its true progress. First, it will protect you from the distraction dragon and then you can protect your entire family from the dragon and together with your own efforts and efforts of your family, you can help your friends, relatives and may be your entire community to win from this distraction dragon. Making your world and your castle, a true dream castle!

I have started collecting the wall material to build the Great Wall within. Are you also with me?


  • Abhijeet says:

    Ma’am, I’m with you.
    Nice article ma’am.

    • Pratibha says:

      Thanks Anhijeet. Together we will be able to build faster and build better. Let’s make out community, the best and the most creative!
      Be blessed always!

  • Devanshu Singh says:


  • Mani says:

    Excellent article…..
    Do agree that we always come under the influence of DISTRACTION DRAGON and every individual should construct a power within themselves to beat the things which really distracts the life.So that they can avoid the unnecessary gleam of distraction but I personally feel that Distraction Dragon is not awful always. I hope you do agree with me.

    • Devanshu Singh says:

      Generally the term Dragon is used to specify the evil or negativity.. Dragon can never be an awesome thing… Correct me if am wrong..

      • Pratibha says:

        Murderous innocence, alone together, open secret and many more are the examples of Oxymoron and my this dragon is also output of this figure of speech! This dragon is thus beautifully horrible! Beautiful because it attacks the things which are beautiful and lovely in our lives and horrible because this is how it converts them into!

      • Devanshu Singh says:

        This is for mani ji…

    • Pratibha says:

      Thanks Mani for your enthusiastic readings and inquisitive comments!

      The challenge with the DISTRACTION DRAGON is that it does not allow us to enjoy the work we do, the work that we must focus and the things that we must do, it just takes us in our grip and for hours we get lost. For example, we all love watching TV, internet surfing and Face book, but there comes a time when we become so addictive and run on pilot mode that we forget that there are many important things that we must do and take care. It can be a meaningful communication with your friend, spouse or relative or it could be watching the plants in your garden. It could be reading a book, or learning a new skill for the business. In short, we lose track of our most precious thing which is time, which is non renewable.

      I am sure dear you would agree with me!

  • Mani says:

    Yeah, completely agree .
    But I still believe, in the rarest case DISTRACTION DRAGON may also help someone to get his/her future.
    What do you say?

    • Pratibha says:

      Of course, it is in the fight with this DISTRACTION DRAGON, you develop your might and exploit your full potential. So, in a way, it does help us to reach where we want to do. Some times it helps us more, because his awareness makes us more alert and we come more focused!

  • Mugdha says:

    To somebody its a distraction to some its an attraction!! Definitely a wall needs to be constructed so that one doesn’t get carried away with distraction.

    There comes the role of self control, upbringing which will let you enjoy the distraction keeping you grounded for your goals.

    Yard sticks vary for every stage and age of life.

    • Pratibha says:

      Well said Mugdha!

      Attraction becomes distraction when, we lately get to know. But definitely context has a great role to play and so is age. Important is self discipline and focus in life. Once we understand this, the wall automatically builds within, which allows us to work on important tasks and focus on priorities in life. In short, our goals and purposes!

  • Devanshu Singh says:

    Many many happy returns of the day!! Happy birthday dear blogger.. 🙂

  • Shiva Prasad says:

    Thanks maam from the core of my heart for such a nice motivational Article.

    • Pratibha says:

      Hey Shiva…..thanks a lot for the comment. It is truly great to see dear students enjoying the posts and commenting on it.
      I hope that you will find other posts on the blog of some use as well. Keep reading and keep responding that is important.
      Many thanks, stay blessed and be connected as always:)

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