Deconstruct Your Success

For radical results, think out of the box.
Deconstruct your own code for success.
Challenge your limiting beliefs,
Take step where you are most fearful of.
Failures leave the most sacred lessons,
Learn and then move on!
Drive when you know the skill.
Ask, if you can’t reach to your goal.
Spot the error, work on the syntax.
A small dot or a hash, you know, can bug the entire programme.
Find that!
If you can’t, then seek the Master.
Listen carefully, when he speaks.
In the talk will be your key.
Don’t stop, just with the key,
When tired, reflect on your path.
Bounce back, filled with energy and faith,
For the journey is still on.
You have everything in you.
When realized,
Just pause.
And then do whatever,
And go wherever you want.
For now, you know,
Every code and life’s every secret,
Rests there, in the core of your heart!!

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