Depression and Divinity!

This sharp piercing pain is invisible. There are wounds that others can’t see. Your mind seems to be working against your own self. You avoid work. Hide inside. Push yourself to work. But don’t feel like working. There is a feeling of loneliness that blankets you. You create your own world. You live in your mind that no one else can see and read. Sometimes you feel sinking in, too deep to go where it becomes difficult for you to rise and float. You drown in your own thoughts. There is a narrative that goes in your mind for a longer time, it runs on an autopilot mode. Every minute. Throughout the day. You feel chocked. Nothing brings meaning into your life. Darkness prevails. You enter into a world of “D”. And this “D” accelerates into darkness, devoid, depletion and depression.

When you talk to only a few selected ones, you cry. When they understand what you say and mean, you feel soothing balm rubbed against your emotional and intellectual wounds. The world looks gloomy. Hopeless you feel. A pit of darkness is what you see all around yourself.

I can describe it because I too have been there three years back. I was into depression. So has been my mother. And there are my friends around me, whom I see and listen on a regular basis. Thanks to my Bestie, who gave me a new meaning and definition to fight with it and understand it with a newer perspective. I owe my lifetime indebtedness to him!

Today, on the World Mental Health day, I join hands with my friends and readers to explore this world of depression by adding another ‘D’ that is Divinity.

When the divinity inside awakens, it dispels the darkness, filling you to the brim, making you realize your potential to be a creator! Be conscious and make your choice with a different “D”.

Explore and tap the divinity inside you in these nine days!
I Wish you happy Navratras!!
Take care. God bless!


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