Diwali Celebration with the Gift of Giving!


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On behalf of all the members of my family, I wish you all a very happy and prosperous Diwali. May this diwali brings new hopes, new aspirations, new dreams and new lessons in your life. May this festival of lights, fills your life with the light of knowledge, happiness, contentment and satisfaction in each sphere of your life.

It was just a day before Diwali, two years ago, when my beloved father departed to rest in heavenly abode and thus, instead of mourning on this day, I have decided to celebrate this day in a different way. Since my father always emphasised the gift of giving, so, this Diwali, I have decided to give away some of my most favourite books.

Now, what you have to do is this, share with me what different you are going to do this Diwali and how you are going to celebrate it in a different way?

If you love reading books, share your thoughts in the comment section or write to me at pratibha.vishen@gmail.com. The first 11 entries will get my favorite books.

So, now…

Let us celebrate this festival of light with our near and dear ones and lit the wick of love, compassion and empathy in our hearts.

Let us forget what wrong one did and said and let go of our heavy past.

Let us decide to be happy and make others happy with our positive actions and with our good intentions in our hearts.

Let us take initiative to do good to others and learn to live in our present, forgetting to worry about our future and what has happened in the past.

Thanks and regards,

Pratibha K Singh


  • Prashant says:

    Thank you so much, I just love this post especially the last two short paragraphs.
    Wish you and your family a very happy Diwali.
    May this Diwali bring you more peace, love, continuous growth in your knowledge, education, and learnings to achieve all your goals. You are doing a great job.

    • Pratibha says:

      Many thanks Prashant. Wish you and your family also a very happy and prosperous Dewali.
      My wishes along with one of my favorite books will soon reach to you.

  • Devanshu says:

    Thank you very much ma’am.. I am very happy to kick start all new life with full zest n enthusiasm.
    Its your modesty to forget and let everyone forget the wrong we did and said.
    Lets forget the past & leave the future for future..
    Have a Zabardast Diwali (y)

    • Pratibha says:

      Wish you a very happy Bday and Diwali Devanshu. May this birthday and festival brings a lot of good luck and charm in your life. Blessings and best wishes always.

  • Mohit agrawal says:

    Happy Diwali Mam 🙂 and all the members of this community

    Giving is the best form of communication. I feel blessed myself to enjoy the beautiful amenities of the festival like sweets,new dresses etc. but some are unable to get the basic amenities as well,when I figured my life I felt everybody deserves the happiness that I do,so from now on I would do a basic saving for a year and In the festival of lights I would love to bring a smile on under privelleged ones.

    I am working on creating a social community where we can cooperate some kind of help for everybody. I would be sharing the details asap mam as u could reach out to a larger audience.

    Happy Diwali mam once again 🙂

    • Pratibha says:

      Wonderful Mohit and I am extrely happy and delighted to know about this new initiative of yours. Giving is indeed one of the best ways to communicate your care, concern and love to others.
      All the best for this endeavours of yours. Your gift will soon reach to your door. Keep saving everymonth and spread the smile on someone’s face.
      Be blessed always:)

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