Earthquake with a Mega Shake!


Credits: Facebook images

For no one could predict his arrival, he was so unpredictable. The Earthquake.

He was massive.  7.5 to 7.9 in magnitude. I know you felt it too.

He came. Did his work. And left the stage with his strong presence felt.

He devastated. Caused Deaths. And left the debris all around.

Just like the Autumn. Leaving the dead leaves on the ground.

Death? He loved it so much!

Leaving so many, who are still waiting in their death lines?

And now , you and me thinking…

Was it a diminutive Apocalypse?  Or a gentle reminder by the GOD.

While news channels are bombarded with updates, so are FB walls. Tweets running in all directions and images zooming on Instagram. Capturing the moments of death and devastation all so fast.

You and I, are left busy in decoding the message that the death messenger has left behind.

Should we not forget that the man can never be mightier than the nature God?

After all this progress made, should we still believe our life is secure in this age after all?

Should we still be busy in our petty fights? Or love life and be grateful that we are alive?

Should we still be ready with our plans for our future life? Or enjoy and live each moment of our life?

Think, observe and tweak what you feel like, I am with you in your questioning zone.


  • Abhijeet says:

    Thank you Ma’am for providing such a good discussing platform, where we discuss about life and think about the life. We are going in right direction or not. In simple word we live our life or not. It is a big question nowadays, we live or we pass the life.
    Earthquake or nature disaster always reminds us that no human power is bigger than nature. So, despite having all the power and the money and power in this world but we should never compare our self with the power of nature and its beauty.
    Whenever you feel too powerful just do one thing, stand in front of sea or mountain and then realize the power of nature.
    We are very small part of this universe.
    So, live your life and never show your power to others.

    • Pratibha says:

      Thanks Abhijeet for inspiring me to write this post.
      It is because of students like you and Devanshu, whose regular presence on the blog makes this platform more meaningful, though provoking and engaging.
      You are absolutely right. These small gestures by mother nature show us what we are in front of her. True you are. Stand in front of the vast sea and massive mountains and we would know the power of infinite nature.

  • karan says:

    Thank you so much ma’am for this platform!
    The deaths and devastation caused by the gallant earthquake in Nepal should be taken as a retweet by mother nature towards the dominance etched by ‘homo sapiens’ on it through not so friendly development of cities, towns and megacities.
    We have all managed to create a ruckus in a short span of time in our mechanized worlds.
    It’s time to realize, mother nature needs us!

    • Pratibha says:

      Welcome Karan for joining the platform and showing your Presence.
      You are absolutely right, the ‘re-tweet’by mother nature has shown to all of us what power she has.
      In fact these regular, natural disaster reminders by her, are for us to understand, observe and decide carefully, what future course of actions should we take on further?
      It is indeed great time for us to realize that mother nature needs our care and our full attention.
      High time to wake up, live each moment and care the mother nature!

  • Rajen (@RajenKapur) says:

    A city named Kathmandu originally known for wooden shrines turned into concrete jungle over time experienced a devastating calamity. I am aggrieved.
    To be brutally frank, I still feel that earthquakes do not kill, the destruction is the handiwork of so called constructions.

    • Pratibha says:

      What a powerful though Kapur sir!
      You have given a new perspective to the entire calamity. Like everything comes to an end,should we consider this as a nature’s way to bring an end to things, so that a new life can begin?
      Many thanks Kapur sir for joining the Platform and enlightening all of us with your powerful and wise thought process.

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