Fear Taught me these 5 Important Lessons…

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Writing this post was fun, not at the beginning, but towards the end.

Because I was under someone’s spell.

I sat today. Beating distraction and procrastination, ready to write and express my thoughts, but nothing worked. I had a cup of tea. Watched TV. Cooked meal. Completed my laundry work. Washed dishes. Read a few pages. Then sat again to complete this blog post, but this time again, nothing worked.

I scolded Anvay for not finishing his meal. Enjoyed siesta. Wished Pogo Happy B’day, she is my niece, she turns of six months today. I had evening tea, then sat again to write. This time, as expected, something worked. Meanwhile I also coaxed Anvay to cram tables. I made some writing progress and then he came.


Ready to fight with me and defeat me in my feat. The Sun was set by this time and I was still struggling with the post to finish it. I had already written 843 words, but fear devoured them all.

I know you too have been there. When you are working on something and the fear joins you in the run to defeat.

Although I couldn’t see him every time he came, but I could feel his strong presence. He came and stood in my front in those moments when I had been alone. I didn’t know how he looked. All I knew was how it felt in his presence. He benumbed me. He made me sweat. My heart pounded faster. At what rate, I didn’t know. I just felt pygmy, scared like a little rat, I guess.

But you know what?

Fear has become my friend now.

When he comes, I ask him to sit. I talk, ask questions and then understand the reasons for his arrival. He comes often and I know how to handle him with care. I enjoy talking to him and sharing my fears. We talk at length. When I talk, he laughs loudly at me. He laughs at my stupidity. I feel no more small, pygmy, like a rat, ready to run and hide inside my room. I do not hide anything. I just say what all I have to say. He listens to me with patience. Now, I too visit his place. I am no more afraid of him. He is good I know. He wants me to grow and be bold.

Fear has given me his precious gift of friendship, he has shared with me his beautiful lessons and has made me fearless in my deeds. I am courageous now, and no more pygmy, just like that little rat, you know.

My friend has taught me few lessons that I want to share with you.

My friend has taught me not to be afraid of failure, but just to work harder on every thing that I do, without thinking much about the results.

My friend has taught me not to be afraid of unknown, but to appreciate what is known today and feel the wealth of abundance.

My friend has taught me not to be afraid of future, but to practice mindfulness and enjoy each and every moment.

My friend has taught me not to be afraid of losing people, but to love, accept and respect them for what they are and letting go of unnecessary expectations.

My friend has taught me not to be afraid of death, but to celebrate each moment and make every day a grand festival.

My friend has made me fearless. He has taught me how to express myself honestly with courage. He has shared with me the value of hope and faith.  His presence has made me feel that the God is always there with me in my toughest moments.

So, friends, next time when fear knocks at your mind’s door, just don’t be afraid. Let him come, listen to him, and he will share with you some amazing lessons….

I promise.


  • Prashant says:

    This time it’s not just a very good post.
    It’s more than that.
    It’s a Great post so far.
    Many congratulations ma’am.
    Although I’ve learned all these lessons from the failures in last few years.
    These have not just made me better with each failure but also changed my Mindset for achieving a difficult goal which is none other than these lessons u mentioned above.
    I believe everything is ever created always has a good & constructive sides too, so does FEAR.
    Thank u for bringing the good side of FEAR.
    It’s a must read for everyone.
    And at last but not the least
    Happy birthday Pogo.

    • Pratibha says:

      Thanks Prashant for appreciating the post so much. It means a lot!
      Fear and failure in life teach us more than what our teachers teach us in the class. Their lessons, though hard, leave permanent impression in our mind and heart. I am happy that you have started learning your life’s lesson quite fast. You have a long way to go, I know. My wishes are always with you.
      And yes, Pogo says thanks to you.
      Keep sharing your thoughts and stay blessed always 🙂

      • Prashant says:

        Thank u so much ma’am for your kind words and faith in me.
        I consider it as a great achievement as these are coming from u.
        It’s my fortune that I came across such a beautiful person in you who can make the energy better in her surrounding.
        It makes me happy that someone thinks like me too.
        And the proud feeling is that the someone is you.
        And by the way I didn’t knew that fear can become friend too.
        Thanks for letting me aware by which I can utilize fear much more efficiently now.

  • Ravi P Gupta says:

    Very well said ma’am. Before reading this post,I only remember the words of Swami Vivekananda about fear,which says-
    FEAR has only one meaning
    Face Everything And Rise.
    But now, I’ll not only Face it, but will try to dig out the best out of it.

    Keep Guiding Maa’m. 🙂

    • Pratibha says:

      Thanks Ravi for your words of encouragement.
      A little shift in thoughts and perspectives can bring wonderful results, I did the same and the results are there in my front.
      Fear will indeed help us to bring out the best, just we need to listen to him carefully and patiently.
      Keep listening, sharing and writing, I am there with you.
      Stay blessed always 🙂

  • vidhya says:

    Great Post Pratibha.

    Understanding the intricacies of the issues, facing the situations and extracting the best out of the worst is an important skill required to lead a happy and peaceful life.

    Everything happen for a reason , Live it, Love it and most important is to learn from it.

    Keep posting nice thoughts.

    • Pratibha says:

      Your words of encouragement water my writing thoughts.
      Yes, it is so true that everything happens for a reason, if we can understand this, it will really make us accept the things as they are and will make us happy, content and peaceful in any situation. Life skills are indeed must for us to master.
      Solicit your best wishes and blessings always 🙂

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