Some stories touch our heart.

Some stories leave indelible impressions in our heart.

And some stories move us to stand and applaud.


And this story will inspire us to work hard and will encourage us to walk down on our dream path.

You know why ?


This story is of an ordinary girl with her extraordinary talents.

This story is of a common girl with her uncommon achievements.

This story is of a usual girl with her unusual success lessons.

And the name of this story girl is Nisha Bageshwar.

A graduate in Kathak Dance from Prayag Sangeet Samiti, Allahabad, with First Division in 2008, Nisha will complete her Sixth year – Prabhakar from Prayag Sangeet Samiti, Allahabad in Vocal music in 2015.

A recipient of the National Scholarship from CENTRE FOR CULTURAL RESOURCES AND TRAINING (CCRT) from 2005-2014 for her excellence in the field of KATHAK Dance in India, Nisha has also received Dan 2 black belt from Kukkiwon South Korea in Taekwondo. She has also received scholarships in the field of Taekwondo from S.A.I, Chattrasaal Stadium, Government of Delhi , N.I.S Patiala and C.S.I.R, C.S.I.O for many years.

A girl who is 5 feet tall, weighs 42 kgs and is a recent ECE graduate, Nisha is someone who epitomizes success and happiness combined in a duo pack. It is not the money quotient which makes her rich, it is her talent pool, high happiness quotient and humble and down to earth attitude which make her successful and wealthy, the way she is.

At her age, when most of the students and young graduates struggle to decide for their career path to embark on, Nisha already has her dreams and goals ready to walk on her next path.

But how could she achieve so much at such an early age? Because Nisha has exploited her natural talents. She has worked harder at her skills when her friends were glued to their TV screens. Because she has followed her parents advise and did what they all suggest to her.

As Malcolm Gladwell says in Outliers that it requires 10,000 hours of practice to be a master in any field, Nisha masters in three fields already: Kathak, Music and Academics. She has rich experience in the fields at such a younger age which we all aspire to have. Her medals, laurels and achievements could make anyone swell up with ego but to her, they make, down to earth.

Here are the three keys which she explains has been instrumental in her success.

Family Support. Nisha ideal are her parents and her inspiration is her sister. “My parents sacrificed a lot just to draw out my abilities, guided me, motivated me, took me to the classes, made me participate in all the competitions and most importantly supported me and encouraged me to do my best,”says Nisha. She gives credits to her parents and sister for what she has achieved in her life.

Her father was the topper of IIT Delhi in M.Tech. He wanted Nisha and her sister to be versatile and that’s why he always guided them to work hard and be determined and made them join dance and taekwondo. “He took me to all the competitions, motived me, boosted up my confidence, whether I was dancing or playing a taekwondo bout.”

Nisha says that, “my father was not too keen on me learning Kathak but once he saw me performing on the stage, he was very appreciative and wouldn’t miss any of our performance after that.” Nisha feels highly indebted to her family and feels herself fortunate to have such members to support and guide her throughout her journey.

Hard Work.  “At the age of 5, inspite of sitting for hours in front of television, I used to go for my practises of taekwondo and dance and work hard,” says Nisha. What motivated her to join Taekwondo says Nisha is “I used to go to the park for playing along with my father and used to see my sister and other students learning Taekwondo which motivated me to join Taekwondo.”

And interestingly says she that “I enjoy everything from Taekwondo to Classical dance, but never let these interests affect my studies because I want to become an engineer to fulfil my father’s dream.”

“I used to watch and follow my sister. We both were taken together to the classes, learnt a lot, appreciated, worked on our weaknesses and were together for each other always.” For her there is no short cut and the only way is the hard work.

Goal Setting. This plays an important role in Nisha’s life. She says that “I am a hard and smart working girl. I am a good time manager that I have managed my academics with the co- curricular quite well. I am a goal oriented and have fixed some goals for me which are to be fulfilled. I am a confident girl and passionate about my work.”

Her sincerity in academics, her passions for dancing, her dedication for her goals and her hard work to keep up a balance among all, are are qualities which make her a favorite of everyone’s heart.

While Nisha is working hard to fulfil the dreams of her parents, she is also passing on the skill of dancing learnt through running a dance academy at this young age. It is not the high number of students which make her classes great, but it the passion and sincerity with which both Nisha and her sister teach are the corner stone of their school’s success.

I am sure that you too strongly believe like me that each one of us has a unique story to share like Nisha. That story may be of our success or of our failure. It may be of our childhood dreams or of youthful college days. It may be of our achievements or our weaknesses. It may be of our swelled up egos or our own self limiting beliefs. For whatever subject it may be, it has always some important lessons to share.

Do you also have a story and a lesson to share?

Share so that others can learn from it. Share so that others find strength from it. Share so that others get motivation and courage to listen to their heart and follow their dream path.

I am with you!

Are you?


  • Pratibha says:

    Many thanks Nisha for sharing your inspiring story.
    Your story has highlighted how as parents we can significantly contribute in showing the path and building the personality of our children right at the onset. We can teach them the importance of hard work and goal setting, and as a result they can achieve whatever they want in their lives.
    My regards to your parents and sister and best wishes and blessings to you for all your future endeavours.
    Stay connected and stay blessed always 🙂

    • Nisha bageshwar says:

      My parents have been the sole reason why I have been so successful in life till now. And I am still determined and enthusiastic to achieve better. With a little motivation and hard work, we can achieve so much in life. Thank you so much ma’am for sharing my story. I hope my story becomes an inspiration to many young children looking for a positive outlook.

  • Abhijeet says:

    Such an inspirational life story.
    Thank you ma’am for sharing it here.
    Nisha: Congratulations for living your dream life and following your passion. 🙂

  • Pratibha says:

    Welcome Abhijeet.
    Our life is nothing but a story. We all are like the lead characters of our own life’s story and there are challenges, roadblocks and conflicts which move our story forward and strengthen our character.
    There is always a touch of motivation, emotion and inspiration in our own story and all we need to do is to see it from that perspective and angle.
    You too have a great story share and soon we would like to hear that as well.

  • Mugdha says:

    Dear Pratibha,

    Your posts are twilights for me, i come to your blog when i hear my heart beat!!! So that i get in sync 🙂

    Life is book, whose draft is getting edited at every second. Students like Nisha are truly an example of hard work with dedication.

    Keep writing and editing your draft!!

    • Pratibha says:

      Many thanks dearest Mugdha, your words are great source of inspiration and love for me. If this platform could provide some solution to some of your problems then there could not be anything greater than that.
      It feels so great to read your words after so many days. Be connected dearie and stay blessed always 🙂

  • Devanshu singh says:

    Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.
    – Confucius

    Sensational and very much inspirational life story 🙂

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Everyone gets a bit more inspired if the inspiration is someone from our near ones or known or connected to us indirectly.. Cheers!!!!

    • Pratibha says:

      Yes Devanshu, that’s absolutely right, if you love what you do, you don’t have to work even a singly day in your life.
      All examples of people whom we read, admire and appreciate (Picasso, Beethoven, Henry Ford, Walt Disney, Steve Jobs, Mother Teresa, Bill Gates,Ratan Tata and thousands of many more) have this thing in common that they were highly passionate about what they did and loved their work.
      If this is the case with all of us then success is guaranteed and happiness will follow.

  • Ramneet says:

    Our life is a story. Planned by god. Role played by ourselves. Portrayed by nearest and dearest ones. Remembered and followed by next generations.
    This story is a beautiful one. Gives me more courage, inspiration and lots of motivation to follow my goals and never change my nature. Because this story is a best example of staying down to earth, excelling and living in service of others.

    And it is great to stay connected to you this ways Pratibha ma’am. ?

    • Pratibha says:

      Thanks Dearest Ramneet.
      Feels great to connect with you.
      I know God has special plans and gifts for you and you are the one on whom he will shower his choicest gifts and blessings. So just move in the direction of your goals and fulfil all your dreams. They are just waiting for you with their open arms.
      Be happy dearie and stay blessed always 🙂

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