Happy Navratras!

These days of Navratras have a lot of meaning, significance and purpose.

Use these days, if possible to connect with your higher self by engaging in meditation or Jaap of Mantras.

Practice acceptance of events, episodes, people as they come in your life and see the difference in your perspective. They have a purpose. If possible, read that purpose and move forward. Do not stick. Do not struggle.

Look at your ego-self and ask for the divine help to make you understand it better! Practice non-association with it for longer durations.

Use these days to clean your inner self. Ego, avarice, greed, jealousy, anger, fear, insecurities may have taken place in your mind and heart. See, if you could see them and clean them to feel purer, compassionate,  generous and full of love!

Pray to the divine help. For, she shall guide you and show you the path, provided you have faith in her.

Experience complete surrender to the Will of the divine and see the difference it brings to your life!

Soon your doubts, frustrations, anxiety, restlessness would seem melting away. Sweep your inner home of heart and mind with divine grace and wisdom. Your soul shall guide you further once it brings your consciousness to the forefront.

Have patience. Be in a state of complete surrender and acceptance. Easier said than done, I know. But I am confident, divine grace shall bless you with help and abundance in every sphere of life to the core!

I thus…

Wish and pray, may the Goddess fills your life with blissfulness, wisdom, health, wealth prosperity and inner peace and contentment!

Wishing you all once again…

Happy Navratras!!!


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