It was still pitch dark. Street lights were turned on.  Gnats and crickets were singing their songs.  A willow and a green tree standing side by side with no complexities. Nature was in a perfect symphony.

Stars were hiding behind the clustered curtains of clouds. Only occasionally peeping out, as if to show their twinkling face in the motion of a dance. And sky….. it was in shades and hues of crimson red, invisibly visible in the darkness, as if ready to prepare the backdrop for the arrival of the Sun on the world’s stage.

The roads were drenched, showing footsteps of rain that has just entered the gates of its far-off home.

Fearful of the dark, I walked out to welcome the promising day ahead!

The vastness of the outer seemed to be merging into the limitlessness of the inner self.  I felt pigmy in front of His oceanic presence! My egoic self seemed melting away taking the problems of the day along.

What was left for me, I collected it with my joined hands. In gratitude, with surrender and acceptance, I came into my home again!

For the rest of the day, I celebrated my homecoming! I was in peace after listening to his words in the loud silence.

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