I Looked at Her and Smiled :)

Accepting my vulnerability, in the moment when I decided to write, not on the topic but on the act of writing, my mind, like closest of my friend came up with suggestions- known and some known to me on which I could write.

When my mind watches me turning into a deliberate introvert these days, he seems to send words and thoughts to interact with me, reminding me every time, I have been an extrovert all my life.

Anyhow, when these words and thoughts, came in a large number as if following the command of a supreme leader- running and standing in a line, I could simply wonder at their confident expression, ‘Write about me, talk something on me, why don’t you let you readers know what I feel.’

Soon I found myself amidst the chatters and euphony like uproar created by my students in the class. Not wasting time,  like I do most of the times, I had to take the command and then pacify them all. I listened to them, like always standing in my class, ensuring them that they all make great sense, which they do most of the times. But then, I had to ensure to give voice to my own expressions based on their responses. These interactions continued for some time between the thoughts and the writer, until I decided, like most of the times I do these days on my blog, to let my writing decide for herself, what path she would want to embark on for her readers.

When I gave the baton to my writing, completely trusting her and with faith, I knew she would find her own way, though not knowing which path she would take . But then, I wanted to give her freedom of her choice. Many a times, I have forced her to focus on the message that I want to deliver to my readers and she has followed me like an obedient student. But for today, I did not give her any message, I did not give her any thought, I wanted to see if she has become self-dependent, self reliant and sustainable to find out her own way and walk on the trodden or the untrodden path. Today, I just let her find her own path, her own trajectory, her own journey and I simply sat with her, by her side.

While she was driving me, I simply looked outside the window, looked at the trees and building passing by, enjoying my riding and forgetting myself with her.

I woke up to myself, only when she took a break and said, ‘look here we have reached, would you want me to drive some more?’ I said, ‘today no more’ expressing my gratitude to her and just smiled 🙂

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