Know the Power of Quietude Inside You!


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Speak this word aloud and feel the vibration of ‘z’ sound longer in your epiglottis by placing your finger on your Adam’s apple.

The word will create a buzz in your head which will remain there for a much longer duration due to dominance of the sound ‘z’.

Extrovert people are sometimes like a buzz. They love creating buzz. They socialize, gather, party, dominate and love to be the talk of the town. They are popularly known for their gift of gab, confidence and their strong personality type. I am sure you are either one of them or have know many such people around you for their brilliant prominence, don’t you?


Speak the word aloud and you can immediately feel the liquidity of soft sounds melting slowly in your ears and creating silence around you from noise outside.

Introvert people are like silence. They are quiet and love solitude. They speak less, love their inner world, avoid too much of social gatherings, feel lonely in a crowd and give preference to their inner monologues rather than outwardly talks. If you are one such introvert, you know how the world looks at you and talks about you, don’t you?

So, this post is there to create a silent buzz in your mind which will remain with you even after you end reading this post and reflect on the thought shared in the post louder in your mind, in your precious hours of solitude.

The lead for this post comes form Mohit, who wrote one of the most popular blog posts on this site, 5 Reasons You Should Meditate if You Want to Succeed in Life.

He asked, “can I share something?”

I said, “Go ahead.”

And he wrote:

“While going through this period in my life, I have become a kind of a self selected extroverted-introvert. I could hardly relate to the majority of my peers- I consumed in philosophy and esoteric sciences, they, in the latest fashions and status quo. I was always myself and used to be a person that couldn’t stand to be alone and now, it is this thing that I aspire to be the most. I love strolling into the recesses of my mind, almost most of the times. I love exploring that thought space, the place where you lose the line between where you start and where the rest of universe is. You are all the things in that moment, there is no separation between you and that moment.

I have to admit that I am not exactly a typical hermit. I have naturally been an extrovert majority of my life so far because my mom and dad have taught me to live my life with an open heart and understand that everyone is a different, that makes it very clear that you have something genuine to offer to this world. Everyone knew my name because I talked a lot, I have always loved connecting with people and I never saw anyone as being any different from one another.

But you see now, being reserved gives me happiness. It makes me feel fulfilled. I don’t need approval of others for my happiness. I love silence. I love solitude.

For anyone seeking about introverts, I would recommend a beautiful book Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain.”

Now what does this book offer?

The book shares the case studies and stories of famous people like Abraham Lincoln, Eleanor Roosevelt, Rosa Parks, Charles Darwin, Mother Teresa, GandhiSteven Spielberg, J.K. Rowling, Charles Schulz, Bill GatesBarack Obama, Dale Carnegie, Albert Einstein, Dr. SeussWarren Buffett, Larry PageCharles SchwabIsaac NewtonPablo Picasso, W. B. Yeats, George OrwellMoses, Jesus, Buddha etc. to name a few.  Now all these people, informs Cain, are introvert and they have changed the world with their significant contributions.

Being an introvert herself, Susan Cain, proposes the hypothesis that the significant contribution in the world is not made by Extroverts only, but introverts too have their major contribution in making a world a better and beautiful place to live. The world, to her is little biased towards the extroverts and, “the bias against introversion leads to a colossal waste of talent, energy, and happiness,” she strongly asserts.

In fact, when you read the book, you would feel that many of the incidents apply to you as well. Because you would find yourself hiding in her lines of words. That is the catch. Because most of us are ambiverts. We have moments and time when we love going out and meeting people and there are times when we want to be in our own shell. Whatever be the case, everything is perfect, everything that works for you. So if you become a recluse and love solitude, know that you are all right and it is just that you trying to be quiet and connecting with your inner self.

Read the book and know more about your own self. And enjoy this lively TED talk by the introvert author, Susan Cain by clicking here.

And remember next time when you sit alone and enjoy your solitude, don’t get intimidated by what others will say about you. At that time, be Quiet and remember the words of Pabalo Piccaso “Without great solitude no serious work is possible.” 


  • Pratibha says:

    Thanks Mohit for recommending this 2012 bestseller book Quiet by Susan Cain.
    I am extremely happy to know that you have discovered the power of silence inside you and as a result, your are able to listen to your inner voices clearer and better. This change is deeply required in all of us and as a result of this discovery you have embarked on your inner journey sooner than later.
    One of the most important points which is highlighted in this book: should we focus on polishing our personality or developing our character? This point in today’s century needs more attention than any other thing.I strongly feel, if character is strong, personality needs less of polishing for its shining.
    Have an amazing and great present and future ahead, my best wishes are always with you!

    • Mohit says:

      Many many thanks for publishing my post in such a beautiful and elegant way mam.

      There are many twists and turns in our life which we are not aware of, that what happened to me. I changed from a guy who can’t stop chattering to a person whom I wouldn’t have loved some years ago..I changed to a extroverted introvert. I can confidently say that this is the best possible change that could have happened to me.To my wonder I started loving solitude and it brought immense changes in me .

      I agree to you ma’am when you say developing our character is more important than polishing our personality. Once we develop good character everything follows to us.

      I urge everybody to meditate daily for just 1 min daily for 6 months. You will be astonished by the changes that will happen to you.Try and avail the benefit as soon as possible 🙂

      And lastly thank you mam for presenting in such a beautiful way 🙂 🙂

      • Pratibha says:

        We greatly benefit when we listen and work in solitude. This book highlights the power within all of us when we are in recluse and when we enjoy solitude.
        Thanks Mohit. Core message was yours, I simple gave it a shape. Look forward to listening form you soon on other books of knowledge.
        Idea of meditation for one minute is one of the best ways to start and build a mini or micro habit of meditation and its results are truly commendable. Many thanks for this powerful suggestion.
        Look forward to having many writing challenges together. Blessings always with you!

        • Mohit says:

          Sure mam..I would love to grab this opportunity of writing for you.
          Quiet can be read both by extroverts and introverts.Their is something profitable for everyone in it.

          I have read somewhere “Silence is the language of Gods”

  • Rubal says:

    Ma’am, it’s a little difficult to absorb and apply all the points mentioned in the various articles at once, since there are so many of them with different messages and aspects, but revisiting some of the older pages tonight I get a feeling that it may very well help us in the future when we look back at some of the blogs and assess/gauge the time gone by.

    It can serve as a journal and people can come back and flick the pages. So, it might be true that we are overwhelmed by the articles at present, but turning back after some time should be a different experience.

    • Pratibha says:

      Thank you very much Rubal for taking out your valuable time and skimming through and revisiting some of the older blogs.
      Honestly, I took the first step in dim light and did not not where would I head, but ideas kept on coming and I kept on shaping and sharing them with you all through my blog posts. I am sure that these blog post s would serve as great guiding principles for me in times to come.
      Give me little more time and I am sure that I would be able to give better direction and orientation to the entire series of blog posts.
      Keep visiting and keep suggesting.
      My best wishes are always with you!

  • Devanshu says:

    Great job Mohit . I too have started to feel and to realize the solitary fact of life.

    After all , we don’t have to be great to start, we just have to start to be great .

    Thank you mohit 🙂
    Thanks a lot di ..

  • Abhijeet says:

    Well written Mohit. Thank you ma’am for sharing it here. 🙂
    Below link is TED Talk video by Susan Cain: The power of introverts

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