Life: a Mela

If you have ever been to the trade fair, crafts mela, you know how it feels to be there. Mesmerized, allured, excited, thrilled, you look everywhere.
You have certain predilections and choices. Whatever you love and like, you get magnetized to that shop. You shop, as per your need, capacity, interest, and desire. The grandiose of the mela is self-absorbing. You forget yourself in the dances, crafts, exquisite designs, indigenous makings, creative expressions, designer products and out of the box thinking of the artisans there.
When tired and exhausted, you eat something, rejuvenate and energize your body and mind. Relax for some time and then wish to visit each shop and see what’s there, before you decide to come back to your home.
From this mela of life, then we learn something.
This mela comes every year, like every season. Relish it. Wait for it, when it comes next year.
In the mela, if you go shopping, just be conscious of your whats and whys. Experience of self and those of others count. Use both of them.
In the mela of life, you have your own shop. Give the best you have.
Don’t get into comparison and contrast with the other artists. They have their own designs and products to display. Everything has beauty, purpose, objective and reason, just focus on what best you have and you can give.
Work on mastering your craft. Others may be busy in analyzing, appreciating, criticizing. Your focus should be, ‘how to master’ and ‘be the best’ that you could be.
As the process of arranging your shop excites you, so should be the moment of exit from the mela. Celebrate both with equanimity!! Make no different, expressions may differ a bit. But be into both of them completely.
In the process of transition and change. Observe, what new you learned and work on that.
Grow. Evolve. Transform yourself.
And when the mela gets over, be blissful for your homecoming.
Know what it means to you.
Know where it is for you.
Go ahead!

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