That intuitive voice within…

Not knowing from where to begin, we just have to begin at some point.  It does happen with all of us. In the tides of the events of life, we get stuck at some point. There seems to be no movement. There seems to be some kind of stagnation and ennui. In those very moments, there is a need to pause. Look inside. Find the answers and then move on!

Where? That answer is there inside all of us.  Inside us, in form of that little intuitive voice with which we all have been blessed.  That inner voice is too low and too small to be heard off and recognized. But that voice has all the answers.

The efforts thus on our part should be to reach to that voice. Be with it. Know it. Recognise it. Spend hours listening to that voice and allowing it to become so loud that the other voices of our ego, avarice, insecurities, jealousies, possessiveness, anger just melts away. Not that easy. Trust me!

It is in those hours of stillness, silence, and solitude, we are closest to it.  Until strengthened, it might not find the way to be closest despite being there inside us. The closer we are to self,  the better we would listen and find the answers. And when we become closest to the self, we would know too deeper about it to be hardly mistaken. And then, we would go beyond seeking the answers, we would just be there in the moment, each, with complete consciousness.

To write this is easy, to practice, too difficult! Believe me.


There is the constant storytelling that mind engages in, trapping us, not allowing us to ‘be’ into the moment, living it and listening to what we must!

Let’s walk past the mind, its stories, its imaginations and fantasies, its creation of the directory of past, present and future and just deepening the power of now by listening to the intuitive voice within.

I am ready. Are you?





  • Devanshu Singh says:

    I could say that you’ve just captured a snapshot of my brain and published it .

    I’m doing what you’ve mentioned in your blog and believe me It gives immense pleasure doing the things that you love the most.

    I feel like I’m reading myself in your blog..

    Best wishes !

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